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BioTe services offered in The Woodlands, TX

Hormone fluctuations can leave you feeling tired, run-down, and simply not like yourself. At Medical Aesthetics & Laser in The Woodlands, Texas, the team offers BioTe® hormone pellet therapy to restore balance to your hormones. BioTe is a customized form of hormone therapy that addresses your specific hormone imbalance. To learn more, call Medical Aesthetics & Laser today or schedule an appointment online.

BioTe Q & A

What is BioTe®?

BioTe is a form of pellet hormone therapy that mimics your body’s natural hormones. These pellets use bioidentical hormones, derived from plants, to replicate the hormones your body naturally produces. Unlike synthetic hormones, bioidentical hormone therapy is customizable to address your unique deficiency.

What conditions can BioTe treat?

BioTe treats conditions that cause hormone imbalances, such as:


Menopause is the end of a woman’s reproductive years when she stops menstruating. During this time, your estrogen levels start to deplete. Hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, and other uncomfortable symptoms are common during menopause. BioTe can help restore your estrogen levels to relieve your symptoms.

Thyroid disorders

The butterfly-shaped gland near the center of your neck, or thyroid, produces hormones that regulate your mood, temperature, metabolism, and other important functions. If your thyroid produces too much or too little of these hormones, it can impact the way you look, feel, and act.

How do I know if I need BioTe?

You may be a good candidate for BioTe hormone pellet therapy if you frequently experience:

  • Mood swings
  • Night sweats
  • Hot flashes
  • Low libido
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Pain during sex
  • Weight gain
  • Slow digestion
  • Dry skin
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle aches

After a comprehensive assessment that may include a physical exam and blood work, the Medical Aesthetics & Laser team can determine whether BioTe is right for you.

What can I expect from BioTe?

Inserting BioTe pellets takes just 15 minutes and requires no downtime. When you arrive, the team inserts a pellet (about the size of a grain of rice) directly beneath the skin above your buttocks or in your arm. The insertion process is pain-free, as the team applies an anesthetic to numb your skin.

Over the next 7-10 days, the hormones gradually enter your bloodstream. Most individuals experience noticeable improvements in their hormone imbalance symptoms within 2-4 weeks* of treatment. 

Because pellet therapy is customizable, the team can adjust your hormone levels if needed. The team typically reevaluates your treatment plan every six months to determine whether you need adjustments.

To learn more about BioTe, call Medical Aesthetics & Laser today or schedule an appointment online.

*Individual results may vary